Okay, I don't have time for anything fancy atm, but I throw up a few flash movies, whenever I find some.
I would like to point out that these flashes are not my own creations, but just ones circulating the net from time to time.

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All Your Base Are Belong To Us.(1,6MB)
The Zero Wing Rhapsody.(2,2MB)
All Your Smurf Are Belong To Smurf.(1,1MB)
I'm A Cow.(1,2MB)
Fuck Her Gently.(2,9MB)
A Frightend Boy.(0,6MB)
Starwarz Gangsta Rap.(1,6MB)
A Ninja Fighting (XiaoXiao3).(1,4MB)
Shooting Game (XiaoXiao4).(1,9MB)
Sneaking Ninja (XiaoXiao7).(0,8MB)
Sneaking Ninja(Part2) (XiaoXiao8).(2,2MB)
Heineken (also by xiaoxiao).(1,1MB)
Alternative F1 Racer.(0,1MB)
Metal Gear Solid doing StarWars and UO combat.(3,3MB)
Good Old Pong.(0,1MB) - originally from http://www.oska.com
Do You Know Jack Schitt?(0,5MB)
Chip'n'Dale MMORPG.(1,5MB)
Fight! Kikkoman.(0,3MB)

Monty Python goes Lego.(3,1MB)

A little AVI with some guys fighting (XiaoXiao1). (1,4MB)

Some various videos and so on - some of them quite large.
Summoner Geeks Old but good.(29MB)
Copy Machine - it's broken again...(2,1MB)
Male/Female Showering - small differences in life....(2,1MB)
Double A Paper - A copy machine incident.(4,4MB)
Matrix XP - title says it all.(31,4MB)
Japan National Yo-Yo Contest - These guys are amazing!(64,3MB)
Top 10 Reasons For Being ....
and a nice (danish) recipy for turkey.
and last, but certainly not least a guide about how male vs. female showers.

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